audio archiving and restoration services

Audio Archiving & Restoration Services

Craig S.

Have had an unbelievable experience with Creative Audio Works. Bringing a dead project from 2003 roaring back to life in 2020! Amazing! Thank you, Stewart!…Craig S,  Bi Janus

Joe R.

Any musician with analog tape and wants them converted to wav files, “Creative Audio Works” is the place to go. Highly Recommended! Terrific Job… Joe R.

Stewart and CAW were personal, responsive, and the turnaround was fantastic. The resulting files were easily transferred to me and payment was quick and easy. Couldn’t recommend CAW more – and that’s great to be able to support our Massachusetts businesses. Mike Ladd


Thank you for what we thought would be a monumental quest to transfer and restore a 1955 CBS Radio Network concert recording from a lacquer disc. Not only are we pleased with Stewart’s work, ultra-professional; meticulous in his shipping instructions and communications before, during and after the project; expedient; and with very reasonable prices. Joe and Vic Bors

Dedicated to preserving your audio media.

Nothing captures history quite as much as sound does. Audio, whether recorded in radio archives, oral histories, research projects, and more, represents the thought process of an individual or culture and is vital to remember the past. Our audio archiving services seek to capture the essence of your cherished audio collection, digitizing them in pristine condition for the 21st century.

Creative Audio Works is an audio archiving and restoration company dedicated to the preservation of your audio media, to bring your audio recordings back to life. We specialize in providing custom archival solutions for every kind of audio media. We then use state-of-the-art tools to manage and access your digital assets effectively.

Our state-of-the-art, specialized facility makes modern digital processing more remarkable than ever. Our audio archiving services strive to offer you the highest quality media transfers and audio digitization available to date, at affordable rates.

Creative Audio Works specializes in the audio archiving and restoration services field. We handle all transfers using Studer, Otari, iZotope RX, and many other hardware and audio restoration software applications to provide crystal-clear tracks and make them useable again. Whether you want to remove clicks, clipping distortion, or other unwanted noises from your audio recordings, we have the tools and resources to restore your audio to perfection.

Audio Archiving

Our audio archiving services seek to capture the essence of your cherished audio collection, digitizing them in pristine condition for the 21st-century.

Audio Disc Transfer

Restore memories and convert your old audio discs into digital audio files. We work with individuals and professional organizations with aging or obsolete media before it’s too late.

Audio for Moving Media (Mix-to-Pix)

Creative Audio Works provides sound editing and mixing services catered to the independent filmmaker. No matter the size or scope of your project, we are ready to assist you!

Analog & Digital Tape Transfer

​A generation of audio and musical history was recorded on reel-to-reel and cassette tapes. At Creative Audio Works, we provide the highest-quality audio transfers from multitrack analog tapes into digital wav files using our expert audio services. Now is the time to safeguard your content!

Mastering for Digital Media

Our world-class audio equipment and software ensure your audio files or music has the vital dynamic enhancement before it’s distributed, perfected down to every millisecond.

The Best Rates

We provide premium audio transfer services at affordable rates. We are industry-leaders in audio archiving and audio restoration. Reach out today.

How it works.

Keen to know how your audio transfer and audio restoration will work?

STEP ONE –SEND: Simply fill out our contact form, if you are not sure about the exact type of media it is, you can attach an image so that we will have a better understanding of what you possess. If you have a digital file that needs restoration you can upload it here.


STEP TWO – DIGITIZE: We will transfer, and restore if necessary, your audio recording as requested, and supply it into audio formats of your preference


STEP THREE – PRESERVE: We will securely send back your physical reel-to-reel tape, cassette, or disc along with a digital recording via download, CD, or thumb drive of your audio file(s), so you can access your content safely and securely

Are You ready to step back in time and experience recordings from 50 years ago?

We archive all types of audio media formats.

Over the last century, there have been numerous forms of audio storage: 78 rpm disk, wire reel recording, 33.3 vinyl, reel-to-reel, and cassette, to name a few. These formats have captured many moments in our history as individuals and collective culture.

Creative Audio Works has restored and archived historical recordings for museums, libraries, corporations, and educational institutions with cutting-edge digital equipment and software. Updating audio formats allows the newest generation of researchers and archivists to continue to experience voices from the past.

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