Half Inch 8-track reel-to-reel transfers to WAV files.

Tascam 8 Track 38-8

Creative Audio Works offers an audio tape transfer service that enables the transfer of ½” analog eight-track reel-to-reel tape to high-resolution digital audio files, with or without DBX noise reduction. You will receive eight separate wav files at 96K/24bit resolution, one for each track. Our process utilizes a custom head arrangement, which was expertly crafted by John French of JRF Magnetics. This unique setup replaces the erase and record heads with rollers, resulting in reduced drag and pitch fluctuations, specifically wow and flutter. Our transfer service is available for 1/2 inch Tascam 80-8, 38-8, 48-8, 58-8, and Otari 8 track formats.

Eight-track Tape Transfer Pricing

There is a $75 minimum on all orders.

1  $75.00 ea.                               2-5       $  65.00 ea. 

6-10   $55.00 ea.                          11-15   $  45.00 ea.

15 – Plus $40.00 ea.

Depending on the tape’s condition and manufacturer, it may require tape baking to combat Sticky Shed Syndrome. This process incurs a cost of $20 per reel. If the tape(s) displays white or chalky residue, it will be necessary to clean them to remove mold. Please note that this service will incur an extra cost of $50 per reel.



Contact Creative Audio Works regarding the transfer of your eight-track reel-to-reel tapes.