audio archiving and restoration services

Audio Archiving & Restoration Services

Dedicated to preserving your audio.

Creative Audio Works is a specialized facility, dedicated to the preservation of your media, with a focused approach to each project.

Our goal is to offer you the highest quality media transfer available, at affordable rates.

Creative Audio Works is not a shop with consumer equipment and inexperienced operators. We handle all transfers using Studer, Otari, iZotope RX, and many other hardware and software applications to provide the best transfer at affordable pricing.

Audio Archiving

The goal of audio archival is to capture the exact essence of a recording without really changing it.

Audio for Moving Media (Mix-to-Pix)

Creative Audio Works provides sound editing and mixing services catered to the independent filmmaker.

Analog & Digital Tape Transfer

High quality transfers from multitrack analog tapes into digital wave files.

Audio Disc Transfer

We convert your old audio cassette tapes, DAT tapes or reel to reel tapes into a digital, modern format.

Mastering for Digital Media

Mastering is the final process your music passes through on the journey from inception to the final listen.

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Certain combinations of sound and visuals can evoke what neither can do alone.

We archive all kinds of audio footage.

Over the last century, there have been numerous forms of audio storage: 78 rpm disk, wire reel recording, 33.3 vinyl, reel-to-reel, and cassette, to name a few. These formats have captured many moments in our history as individuals and collective culture.

Creative Audio Works has restored and archived historical recordings for museums, libraries, corporations, and educational institutions with cutting-edge digital equipment and software. Updating audio formats allows the newest generation of researchers and archivists to continue experience voices from the past.

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