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Creative Audio Works is built on 35+ years of audio experience specializing in quality archiving of audio collections, audio restoration, mastering, and mix-to-pix services for businesses, audio media libraries, colleges, universities and the more demanding consumer.

Transfer and Restoration Pricing & Additional Costs

Audiotape and disc transfer rates vary depending on the format of the media. One-quarter inch tape comes in full-track mono, ¼ track stereo, two-track stereo, two-track mono, four-track, and eight-track formats, and has speed options ranging from 1.75 inches per second up to 30 inches per second. Audio discs can have a diameter of five inches up to twenty inches and speeds from 16 rpm up to 90 rpm. So, it is challenging to give introductory pricing on these formats. Please contact Creative Audio Works with more information about your audiotape or discs you would like to transfer, and we will be able to give you a quote for your transfer.

There is a $75 minium on all orders

Creative Audio Works takes a disciplined approach to restoration services, tailored to each recording. Archival transfer and restoration are performed on an hourly basis at $75 per hour for the first hour and billed in 1-hour increments after that. We do not charge a per-piece rate for restoration. Prices for restoration services are best quoted after the initial transfer of recorded material.

For large orders, per-piece pricing is available for transfers. Please contact Creative Audio Works for more information.


Additional Charges

Cassette repair or repackaging is $25

CDs are available at an extra cost of $15 each.

Tape Baking for Sticky Tape Syndrome is a process occasionally required to restore analog tape to playable condition. In most cases, the need for this service is not discoverable until work has begun on your project. However, if this occurs, Creative Audio Works will contact you for approval before continuing. If approved, the following charges will apply at $20 per reel.

Mold mediation for reel-to-reel audiotape.

3″ and 5″ reels $25
7″ reels $45
10″ and 12″ reels $60


Payment is due on receipt of the invoice and made using secure online

Reviews of our Audio Services

Anne T.

Stewart has just completed two projects for me. He transferred a moldy and scratched 1940s 78 records to CD, and transferred a collection of eleven 1940s 78 jazz records to CD for me. I am delighted with the results- Stewart carefully cleaned the records, eliminated the scratches and background noise, and the CDs all sound fantastic. Stewart even designed CD labels that echo the original record labels. It is amazing and wonderful to enjoy the beauty of this music after all these years. Stewart is a true professional and I thoroughly enjoyed working with him. I highly recommend his services.

The McCormack Family

Thanks so much for the quick turn-around transferring my Mother’s 50 something-year-old audiotape. The sound quality of the CDs was terrific. We now have a family treasure we can share with all those family and friends who loved my Mother and miss her singing. The joy these CDs have brought us is immeasurable. We’re so glad we found you. Best wishes,

Steve T.

Stewart has been a part of our team for many years. We have worked together for almost 20 years for both our local and location production sound. In recent years, Stewart has been of service as an audio expert for creating enhancements, restoration and conversions of audio that is less than optimal. He is a professional with a personality that understands the needs of our clients and reflects the quality that is expected from any RAMPION team member. He is fully equipped for any sound or audio challenge.

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