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Craig S.

Have had an unbelievable experience with Creative Audio Works. Bringing a dead project from 2003 roaring back to life in 2020! Amazing! Thank you, Stewart! Craig S.  Bi Janus

Joe R.

Fast turnaround and superior work. Any of you musicians with analog tape want them converted to wav files for mixing, “Creative Audio Works” is the place to go. Highly Recommended! Terrific Job… Joe R.

Audio Engineering Services

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Brown University
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Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs
UC San Diego Library
Presbyterian Historical Society
Sisters of Life
Boston Red Sox, National Baseball League
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Audio Archiving and engineering Services

Creative Audio Works is home to a state-of-the-art audio archiving facility, where we preserve audio media of all formats and conditions. Whether you need to migrate audio from an outdated cassette tape or reel-to-reel recording, we’re on-hand to assist you with your needs.

Our specialized audio digitizing and conservation facility is not only designed to preserve valuable recordings, but we also provide audio mastering for CD, digital download and audio for moving media (mix-to-pix services). We handle all transfers using Studer, Otari, iZotope RX, and many other hardware and software applications to provide the best audio transfer, restoration, mastering, and sound for moving media.

We combine our knowledge, innovative technology, and transfer skills to bring your audio recordings back to life. It doesn’t matter what format your audio comes in – our facility is home to unique tools and instruments to get the job done to the highest standard.

We’ll have the expertise to restore your transferred audio: remove crackling, tics, pops and tape hiss, all in a format of your choice. It really couldn’t be simpler. Simply reach out with your request, and we’ll work together to find the best package option for your needs.

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