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Craig S.

Have had an unbelievable experience with Creative Audio Works. Bringing a dead project from 2003 roaring back to life in 2020! Amazing! Thank you, Stewart! Craig S.  Bi Janus

Joe R.

Fast turnaround and superior work. Any of you musicians with analog tape want them converted to wav files for mixing, “Creative Audio Works” is the place to go. Highly Recommended! Terrific Job… Joe R.

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Audio Archiving, Restoration, and Engineering Services

Reel-to-reel tapes, cassettes, discs, and other analog storage media have been used for decades. Unfortunately, like most decades-old storage media, they are becoming increasingly fragile with each passing day. As a result, these recordings are vulnerable to environmental and physical deterioration and useless without machines to play them on – tape recorders are getting older.

However, Creative Audio Works has a solution. Our digitization service allows your organization to convert your analog audio tape library’s commercially and culturally important contents to a secure, shareable digital medium.

Creative Audio Works is home to a state-of-the-art audio archiving facility, where we preserve audio media of all formats and conditions. So whether you need to migrate audio from an outdated cassette tape or reel-to-reel recording, we’re on hand to assist you with your needs.

In addition to preserving valuable recordings, our specialized audio digitizing and conservation facility offers audio mastering for CD, and digital download, and audio for moving media (mix-to-pix services). We handle all transfers using Studer, Otari, iZotope RX, and many other hardware and software applications to provide the best audio transfer, restoration, mastering, and sound for moving media.

We offer a comprehensive, scalable service whether you have a single reel-to-reel tape or 10,000. If your recordings have seen better days, we will digitize and restore them using cutting-edge techniques, restoring your content to its original quality   Everything is done in-house. Your digital audio archive can be delivered in a variety of file formats once completed to meet your preservation and access needs.

Don’t hesitate to contact Creative Audio Works for more information.

Anne T.

Stewart has just completed two projects for me. He transferred a moldy and scratched 1940’s 78 records to CD, and transferred a collection of eleven 1940’s 78 jazz records to CD for me. I am delighted with the results- Stewart carefully cleaned the records, eliminated the scratches and background noise, and the CD’s all sound fantastic. Stewart even designed CD labels that echo the original record labels. It is amazing and wonderful to enjoy the beauty of this music after all these years. Stewart is a true professional and I thoroughly enjoyed working with him. I highly recommend his services.

The McCormack Family

Thanks so much for the quick turn-around transferring my Mother’s 50 something-year-old audiotape. The sound quality of the CDs was terrific. We now have a family treasure we can share with all those family and friends who loved my Mother and miss her singing. The joy these CDs have brought us is immeasurable. We’re so glad we found you. Best wishes,

Steve T.

Stewart has been a part of our team for many years. We have worked together for almost 20 years for both our local and location production sound. In recent years, Stewart has been of service as an audio expert for creating enhancements, restoration, and conversions of audio that is less than optimal. He is a professional with a personality that understands the needs of our clients and reflects the quality that is expected from any RAMPION team member. He is fully equipped for any sound or audio challenge.

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