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Craig S.

Have had an unbelievable experience with CAW so. Bringing a dead project from 2003 roaring back to life in 2020! Amazing! Thank you Stewart!

Joe R.

Fast turnaround and superior work. Any of you musicians with archived analog tape want them converted to Broadcast modern waves for manipulation, “CAW” is the place to go. Highly Recommended! Terrific Job…

Beanie L.

100 per cent Certain he can and will do the same for you ! please check CAW out ! It’s worth it !

Audio Archiving

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Our Philosophy

Every audio artifact is unique and deserves the respect and attention of a skilled audio archival engineer.

Audio Archiving & Restoration Services

Need to restore your audio recordings or audio files? As time passes, analog audio formats can degrade and lose their life expectancy day by day. Our specialized facility provides expert audio archiving services to digitize, restore and preserve your audio media into crystal clear condition.

From physically cleaning the audio medium to digital migration and intervention, we’ve got the tools to remove sounds like hissing, crackling, and buzzing that interrupt the quality of the original sound recording so that you can treasure your family recordings dating back for decades.

Creative Audio Works are the experts in audio archiving with a breadth of experience in audio archival and restoration services in the USA. Our expertise includes everything from migration to the restoration of analog audio to digital formats.

We have a wide range of contemporary tape recorders and turntables to transfer your records,audograph discs, wire reel recordings, micro-cassette, cassettes, DAT, ADAT, reel-to-reel tape formats, and much more.

Don’t hesitate to reach out with your audio archiving or audio restoration inquiry – we’d be happy to help.

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