In 1993, TEAC Corporation’s TASCAM division introduced the DA-88, a digital multi-track recording device that uses tape as its recording medium. It can record up to eight tracks simultaneously and can be combined with multiple DA-88 units to record 16 or more channels. The DA-88, DA-38, DA-98, and Sony PCM-800 were the original models in the series, all recording at 16-bit resolution.

To hold audio data in the DTRS format, Hi8 video cassettes were utilized, enabling continuous recording for up to 108 minutes on a single tape. The DA-88’s digital format and affordable price led to more than 60,000 units being sold by 1999, making it TASCAM’s largest product at the time. Despite its age, the DA-88 and its successors are still popular among enthusiasts due to their reliability and durability.

At Creative Audio Works studio, we have multiple Sony PCM 800 DA88 decks available for transferring your recordings. We provide your files as individual synchronized track ‘stems’ recorded at the same sample frequency as the original recording. We also offer ADAT transfers for Alesis decks. 





Perhaps now is the time to remix that early digital multi-track masterpiece…


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