Simon Gibson?one of Abbey Road Studios’ most experienced mastering engineers, talks us through the process of restoration and?remastering of the works of ?Wilhelm Furtw?ngler.

Wilhelm Furtw?ngler (January 25, 1886?? November 30, 1954) was a German conductor and composer. He is widely considered to have been one of the greatest symphonic and operatic conductors of the 20th century. By the 1930s he had built a reputation as one of the leading conductors in Europe. ?Even today, many musicians, critics and record collectors still revere him for his very subjective conducting style, which is often compared and contrasted to the more objective style of Arturo Toscanini, who was probably the most famous conductor at the time. Like Toscanini, Furtw?ngler was a major influence on many later conductors, and his name is often mentioned when discussing their interpretive style.