?Live??Steely Dan?in the 1970s was pretty hard to come by: they toured between ?72 and ?74, and then focused their energies as a studio band; it wasn?t until 1993 that they returned to the concert stage.

So, during that short window in the early ?70s, it was great that they appeared on shows like The Midnight Special.

In the spring of ?73, Steely Dan were promoting their remarkable debut,?Can?t Buy A Thrill,??with an appearance on TMS.?Bill Cosby?hosted the episode, joined by acts like?Ray Charles, Waylon Jennings, Taj Mahaland?Billy Preston.

Steely Dan?s lineup at this time consisted of mainstays?Walter Becker?and?Donald Fagen, with guitarists?Denny Dias?and?Jeff??Skunk??Baxter, keyboardist?David Palmer?and drummer?Jim Hodder.

The performance of??Do It Again??is notable because Palmer takes lead vocals, despite the fact that Fagen sang it on the original recording (Fagen was reluctant to sing live in those days); guitarist Baxter also plays bongos here.