January 25, 2017


Creative Audio Works supplies eight track transfers for ? inch, ? inch eight track cassette formats

TascamPlymouth, MA ?Creative Audio Works LLC has added ? inch eight-track reel-to-reel and eight-track cassette to it growing list of formats supported. Creative Audio Works is devoted to?analog archiving and audio restoration?has expanded its services to include eight track transfers seeing there was a need by many to archive multitrack recordings from the past.


Creative Audio Works ?provides cost effective transfers of analog ?? eight track?multitrack recordings using a custom playback head block crafted?by John French of ?J.R.F. Magnetics?designed to reduce drag thus reducing wow and flutter.

Creative Audio Works has also added a reconditioned Fostex M80 ? inch eight-track reel-to-reel and a Tascam 238 eight-track cassette?to is roster of multitrack decks supported.

Tape baking using our Fisher Scientific?5500 incubator is included in the transfer package.

Creative Audio Works was featured in?MIX Magazine?s Class of 2012, as one of the top 20 Hottest Recording/Production studios of the year, around the globe.

Designed by Lou Clarke of?Sonic-Space?with studio owner Stewart Adam, the design of this multipurpose is studio geared for audio mastering, music mixing, analog transfer, restoration and sound-for-picture production.

Creative Audio Works has a diverse client base which include the band?Bedrokk?as well as?educational institutions such as Harvard University, Brown Univeristy?and the?University of Michigan.

Creative Audio Works LLC was founded in 2005 after seeing there was a need to preserve recordings from the past. ?For more information regarding audio mastering, analog migration and audio restoration, please contact Stewart Adam at?Creative Audio Works,


Creative Audio Works LLC
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