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Have had an unbelievable experience with Creative Audio Works. Bringing a dead project from 2003 roaring back to life in 2020! Amazing! Thank you, Stewart!...Craig S,  Bi Janus

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Any musician with analog tape and wants them converted to wav files, "Creative Audio Works" is the place to go. Highly Recommended! Terrific Job... Joe R.

Wire Recording Transfer

Wire Recording Transfer

Ever heard of a wire recorder before? If asked today, most people will tell you they have never heard of one. In the mid-1940s, wire recorders were the media of choice! Made from ultra-fine steel wires that didn’t exceed .0036 inches in diameter, these oxide-based magnetic tapes were the go-to tool for audio recording.

During the first half of the 1950s, tape recorders rose in popularity due to their sudden affordability, simplicity and compactness. Many started using tape recorders in home and office settings, which ultimately drove wire recorders out of the market by the early 1960s.

Wire recorders were marketed for both office use and as home entertainment devices. Unlike home-cut phonograph records, which could hold only a few minutes of audio on each side, thesteel wire could be re-recorded on repeat and allowed for much longer, uninterrupted recordings. Typical Webster-style recorder spools hold approximately 7200 ft of wire and 1 hour of play/record time.

Believe it or not, wire recordings have aged well into today’s day and age. But the main obstacle these days is being able to locate a functioning wire recorder. Using modern transfer and restoration technology, Creative Audio Works is able to capture what was previously thought to be lost audio recordings from outdated media. Wire recording may be transferred to almost any modern format such as CD or digital audio files.

Do you have wire recordings you want to preserve and protect? Reach out to Creative AudioWorks today who can transfer them into a digital format using safe and professional techniques. Plus, we have the capabilities to reduce background noise present on wire recordings using audio restoration software – giving you incredibly clear audio recordings you thought would not be possible.

For more information about our transfer services and audio archiving services, reach out today to speak with Stewart Adam.


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Splicing Wire Reel Recordings

Tie the ends of the wires together with a square knot.
Pull the knot tight.
Cut off the loose ends close to the knot.
This splice will pull through the groove of the recording head without catching.

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